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Nerissa Hart

~ They/She (Sometimes He, as a treat)

Nerissa Hart is an actor, director, multidisciplinary theatre artist, gamer, streamer, and speedrunner based in the DC Metro Region.


NERISSA HART (they/she/occasionally he, as a treat) graduated from George Mason University's School of Theatre with a BFA in Performance and Directing. Their passion for differing mediums of artistic storytelling has allowed them to tackle stories from several different lenses, whether it be in performing written stories, playing through stories and analyzing them, improvising to weave a story with others, creating art representative of stories, or writing stories and bringing them to life herself.

In the world of theatre, Nerissa has experience as an actor, director, writer, children's teacher, and designer. She has a foundation in classical and contemporary theatre, musical theatre, but now specializes in and has a great passion for devised and immersive theatre.  


In film, videogames, television, industrial work, and podcasting, Nerissa has tackled roles on screen, in production, writing, and in voiceover. The webseries pilot, Versus, that she wrote, created, and cast also earned an Official Honoree in the 2015 Webby Awards, as well as three Cinema In Industry Awards for Best Pilot, Best Direction, and Best Writing. 


In the world of gaming entertainment, they have become a Twitch affiliate streamer and speedrunner. On the site, they can be seen on their own channel as RUBIEHART, doing Let's Plays of games old and new, as well as speedruns of several videogames including Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, The Last Guardian, Overcooked! 2, Phasmophobia, Ghost Watchers, and adding more to the list. They have also appeared on other channels doing live plays of tabletop RPGs such as DnD 5e and Masks. 

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Nerissa Hart

Accepting professional inquiries in the following areas at this time:


Voice Acting

Tabletop Live Streams

Tabletop Podcasts


Radio Plays

Twitch/YouTube Video

Speedrunning Marathons

Current Projects


Streamer and speedrunner



VO Demo ReelNerissa Hart
00:00 / 01:12
JoJo // MancerNerd League Gaming - Masks: A New Generation
00:00 / 04:04
Demo Monologue36 Questions, The Podcast Musical
00:00 / 06:26
Play Better PodcastEp. 358 - Ten Candles
00:00 / 2:37:25

Voice Over Demo

Nerissa has worked in voiceover in the world of film, videogames, podcasts, and live play twitch streams. Listen to the left for samples of audio from reels, as well as projects Nerissa has worked on.


Streaming every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday on Twitch.